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'The Gray Man' movie review: Contrary to its name, the movie is vibrant and expansive.


The Gray Man' movie review
Ryan & Chris from "The Gray Man"

The Gray Man Netflix movie review:

Starring: Ryan GoslingChris EvansAna de ArmasBilly Bob ThorntonJessica Henwick, Dhanush
Director: Anthony RussoJoe Russo
Genre: Action, thriller


A psychotic former coworker places a reward on the death of the most talented CIA officer, whose actual identity is unknown, when he accidentally reveals dark agency secrets, sparking a worldwide pursuit by international assassins.

What's GOOD and what's not!

A film by the Russo brothers, also known to be one of the most commercially successful directors in the world, the men behind some major MCU movies need no introduction. The movie also has Dhanush our desi superstar kicking some ass. Talking about him, we couldn't have stopped asking for more. Though his presence is brief in the film he has been utilized optimally and our desi hearts will go gaga for him. 

Although the plot is fairly well known, the racy writing keeps your eyes glued to the screens until the joyful conclusion. Ryan Gosling gives one of his greatest performances as an assassin who upholds moral principles in order to protect innocent people. His performance is understated yet breathtaking.

The villain is attractive enough to fall in love with, and Chris Evans' portrayal is top-notch. His outstanding performance is among the movie's greatest strengths. Billy Bob Thorton, Julia Butters, Jessica Henwick, and Ana de Armas all provide their greatest performances.

The Gray Man is severely let down by the plot, which is also rather predictable. You need to write an outstanding story with mind-blowing twists and turns when you have A-list stars on board. The film lacks an emotional connection with the characters but has outstanding cinematography. There are some incredible action scenes too. 

Final verdict? 

The film gives us some tremendous performances, but only that won't satisfy us. People seeking an engaging story might go disappointed. Though some flaws I enjoyed this action flick because of its pacing, huge scale, some great action sequences, guns, flying cars, editing also shot in several countries so giving us a virtual world tour! 

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