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Why Indian cinema never talked in favour of Abortion ?

Millions of abortions take place in India every year, still, not a single Mainstream Indian movie has been made JUSTIFYING It. It has always been made clear that ABORTION IS EQUAL TO MURDER. Abortion is never a choice!! So these people who chose to abort are wrong???

Do you know safe abortion is legal in India since 1971? But with the exaltation of pregnancy and motherhood in movies, this crucial reproductive right that allows women choice over their own bodies is continually Demonized!!! 
In India, unsafe abortions are actually the third leading cause for maternal deaths. Movies are the biggest medium to spread awareness yet NO one talks. We need more realistic portrayals of this sensitive issue in movies. 

Sometimes there is no option left other than to abort. All I wanted to say, don't demonize abortion for the RIGHT reasons. Recently released Malayalam film 'Sara's' is quite a revolutionary for touching this subject. Recent best film I saw is "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" 
“Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a deft, delicate and sometimes painful and realistic portrayal of two teenage cousins who travel from their rural town to City, where she can get an abortion without parental consent. This film never tells only shows, and it does it so well.
We've had plenty of films that praise a woman's normal biological, reproductive duties, but we've seldom if ever, seen one that concentrates on a woman accomplishing her objectives!!

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