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A feel good Malayalam movie out on prime video!!

One of the rare moments where I did not check my phone throughout the movie, which is 2 hours and 38 mins long and that too at Home!

Home movie poster

HOME 2021

Home is not a groundbreaking film nor having any twisted plot. It is a film that will lighten up your mood, wet your eyes, make you feel sad, angry, guilty, smile and a lot of other emotions. A wholesome movie. 

This film is extremely moving since it depicts events that occur in most households. The movie's message was clear: HOME is a place where you may do anything and still be forgiven and loved by your family. Parents are and will continue to be the most important persons in our lives, loving us unconditionally from the beginning to the conclusion of our lives, regardless of what we do. The film clearly depicts a father doing whatever he can to make his son happy; there may be many things that we, as sons of the modern generation, do not agree with, but whatever they do is because they love us from the bottom of their hearts, which we will not receive from anyone else who comes between us and our life's journey.

What is happening in 'Home'?

The narration is as slow and old-fashioned as the protagonist, an old generation man who has fallen behind in the age of smartphones and social media. Oliver (Indrans) resides in Thiruvanthapuram with his father, wife Kuttiyamma, and son Charles. Anthony (Sreenath Bhasi), Oliver's oldest son, is a filmmaker who is trying to finish his second film. Anthony fails to notice his father's clumsy attempts to reach out to him because he is suffering from writer's block, easily distracted by the beeps emerging from his phone, and concerned about his approaching marriage to fiancĂ©e Priya. Anthony's contemptuous attitude of Oliver, who is unremarkable and usually tongue-tied, contrasts sharply with his adoration for Priya's successful father Joseph. Oliver pours his sorrows to a childhood friend, which results in some funny and teary moments. Oliver's attempts to decipher the secrets of the smartphone result in a sequence of humiliating mishaps for Anthony but illuminating for Oliver. I  loved the way the characterization and cast of each and every character that we could easily relate to.

Home speaks the story of the majority of people and families in the world. It specifically points to how mobile and technology have taken over the boomers, leaving little to no time for their parents and family. The film throws light upon the importance of living your life free of technology and with people around you. It also highlights how mobile phones have unconsciously affected our lives in a drastic manner.

The film deals with a timely topic and sends a powerful message. It's a wake-up call for this generation to realise how oblivious they've been to their technologically uneducated parents. The actors and their performances are responsible for the film's ability to effectively depict the feelings of parents.

Indrans as Oliver Twist

Indrans Sir has tapped into his many years of expertise and experience in the film industry to the fullest extent possible, but we believe he still has a lot more to offer. A modest man who rose from humble beginnings as a tailor for movie stars to a position today where lakhs of people are compelled to reflect after seeing him on the screen. Neil D' Kunha's cinematography is another beautiful aspect of the film. Written and directed by Rojin Thomas, the film tries to lift a very beautiful and worthy message. 

I'm imperfect at my home!!

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