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Howard Original 2021 Movie Review

In a private screening, I had the opportunity to see this drama-satire movie about the film industry. Howard Original will be available on Prime Video from May 21st, 2021.

Howard Original 2021 Movie Review
Howard Original 2021 Movie Review (source- IMDB)

Howard Original 2021

Director: Natalie Rodriguez
Writer: Kean Michaels, Natalie Rodriguez

One line movie summary

A washed-up screenwriter dealing with a series of life crises. 

Movie Plot

A screenwriter named Howard Original continues to doubt his life and its purpose after several broken relationships. He flees to a cabin in the hopes of resolving both his writer's block and his hysterical, yet tragic experience. Howard, on the other hand, finds himself in a different reality and universe after he discovers a cat called BLUE while dwelling on his personal and professional relationships.

Movie Discussion

Howard Original starts with him packing things including a gun! which ensures not everything is right with him. His inner self consoles him saying that he has the potential which seems he lacks seeing his activities. A frustrated guy getting stressed out for even small things shows he is going through a rough time. There are multiple scenes of him auditioning women for his project which ends up in a bad way as he tries to flirt with them or upset them by some other mean. Even the male hooker which he hired rejects his money saying that he is the one who needs it more. Then comes his love interest, his neighbour Hannah. Most past scenes are shown in black and white here. There is a tragic incident to describe in every department of his life, be it personal or professional. The movie has more to show than just telling the F-up story of Howard which later reveals as the movie goes on.

Special mention to the musicians who worked on this film. The background score along with some nice songs was like a cherry on a cake. Nicely written and engaging screenplay lets you hook to the screen unlike the acting of the main lead character Howard. All the supporting actors did a good job, the scenes of auditioning were also interesting. Even though it is been repeated several times you enjoy various people auditioning for space kitties. But the casting of Howard was a horrible move. The main actor wasn't able to give proper expressions or body language which disappointed me a lot. 

Overall this is a light drama film which you can enjoy from  21st May on Prime. Stay home stay safe.

The film is a commentary about the entertainment industry and it exposes the misogyny, racism and sexism that still exists. This comedy-satire may trigger some viewers BUT this trainwreck of a screenwriter's life is a guilty pleasure.

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