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Amazon Prime Video; City of God 2002 film review: Brutal and terrifying, not an easy watch.


I will label this movie as the most realistic crime movie ever made and in real the crimes are no fun so is 'City of God'. A terrifying watch

Amazon Prime Video; City of God 2002 film review
Amazon Prime Video; City of God 2002 film review

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Director: Fernando MeirellesKátia Lund
Writer: Paulo Lins (novel), Bráulio Mantovani (screenplay)

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One line movie summary

A young boy dreams of becoming a photographer in a city were even God would not mind stepping in.

About the movie: City of God

Amazon Prime Video, City of God 2002 is a Brazilian film directed by Fernando Meirelles and Katia Lund. The 'City of God' is adapted from the 1997 novel of the same name written by Paulo Lins. The plot is based on real events about the growth of crime which took place between 1960s and1980s. The film 'City of God' stares Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino da Hora, Phillipe Haagensen, Douglas Silva, Alice Braga and Seu Jorge.

This film is often considered one of the greatest films ever made. The film was also nominated for four Oscars including  Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Film Editing and Best Writing. It was also Brazil's entry for the Best Foreign Language Film. 

Plot: City of God

The city of God is based on a semiautobiographical novel with the same name originally published in 1997. It takes place in the '60s where in the slums of Rio de Janeiro two boys growing up in the neighbourhood take on different paths in life.

Amazon Prime Video; City of God 2002 film review
Amazon Prime Video; City of God 2002 film review

The story is told through the eyes of Buscape, a poor young fisherman's son who dreams of becoming a photographer one day. His story narrates the violence and corruption surrounding the city and the rise and fall of one of the city's most notorious bosses, Li'l Ze. As war wages on the streets, Buscape's only way out of this violent life is to expose its brutality to the world through his pictures. Along the way, the lives of others are put into perspective as their stories intersect with the events that take place.

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Review: City of God

This is a great movie with the most amazing and unique cinematography I have ever seen in a movie. The story is very well told and the movie is so real. In the end, it is told that this is a true story and I thanked God I wasn't born there. It is even hard to imagine living there. The brutality slums in Rio had to face is shocking and heart-wrenching.  It is easily one of the best foreign films out there. 

Alas, City of God is not for everybody. There are many films out there which are meant for entertaining while there are other films whose main intention is not only entertaining the viewers but showing deep character studies, poignant dramas and different mood sets. 

The film is brilliantly shot and edited with a lot of intense atmospheres and sense of tension. The music is a plus point in this well-directed film. The City of God doesn't glorify crime like we mostly see as a badass film. As said it is the most real film, and in real crimes are no fun at all so is this one. If you are looking for a feel-good movie this is not for you.

Acting, Direction, Music, Editing & Cinematography: the City of God aces in all departments. The movie has a lot of emotions, thought-provoking and so well made that for 2 hours you are inside this city. I will label it as the most realistic crime movie ever made!

Language: Portuguese
Release Date: 3 January 2003
Genre: Crime, Drama

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