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Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream film Review: A syringe of quality cinema.

Requiem for a dream is scary, painful, brutal, disgusting, ugly and that what makes it a beautiful must-watch masterpiece. 

Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream film Review
Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream film Review

Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream film Review

Director: Darren Aronofsky
Writer: Hubert Selby
Starring: Ellen (Sara), Jared(Harry), Jennifer(Marion), Marlon(Tyrone)

Available on Airtel XStream

About the film: Requiem for a Dream

Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream starring Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly and Marlon is a psychological drama film directed by  Darren Aronofsky. The movie is based on a book of the same name by  Hubert Selby. The score is given by Clint Mansell. Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream was released on theatres on October 6 2000. The film had an average success at the box office. 

Ellen Burstyn received Oscar nomination for Best Actress. Many rejected the role of Sara Goldfarb due to the depressing content of the film, even Ellen initially rejected it.  Jared Leto had to lose 13 kg to fit in the character of a drug addict. The director even requested Leto to refrain from having sex so that his craving would appear more realistic on-screen.

Jennifer also isolated herself in an apartment and talking to the drug addicts. The film shooting lasted for 40 days. In some scenes, the real drug addicts were used as extras.  It is an R-rated film with a length of 162 mins. 

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One line movie summary

Addictions and Obsessions of four people lead their life to a catastrophe.

Plot: Airtel XStream Requiem for a Dream

Sara is a widow and lives in a small apartment. She is too much obsessed with watching a TV show. She dreams of improving her current condition by appearing in that show. She decides to wear her favourite red dress on the show which later she finds doesn't fit her anymore which leads her to take pills in order to lose a good amount of weight. On the other hand, her son Harry is a junkie who steals so that he can buy something to inject in his veins. He and his friend Marlon dreams of becoming a big drug dealer. Marion, the girlfriend of Harry wants to be a fashion designer and open a shop but she too falls in the drug-centric world of Harry. 

Everyone in the film has their own dreams. The same thing as we think in the night before sleep dreaming of how we could be in a better position in life. Drugs are the antagonist in this film. So how much did these four people proceeds in their life?

ReviewAirtel XStream Requiem for a Dream

Every actor with a lead role is to be highly appreciated not only for their excellent acting but the courage to act in such a bold film. Leto and Connelly had very good chemistry. Marlon was great but Ellen is the one who steals the show. One of the best female performance. 

The movie starts slow building the characters and establishing relationships. The visuals were top-notch and the editing was mind-blowing. There are few scenes of hardly half a minute but made with 100s of short videos. The colour of the film in some scenes, wide-angle shots, close-up shots were just put me in awe. High-quality cinematography and editing.  

The direction of this film is empathic. The most intriguing part of this film was the score, too good. That specific score which you will hear in the entry part can be heard several times throughout the movie but still, the craving will go on. I guarantee you will search for the music of this film once you finish watching. I am just speechless.

The intensity of restlessness and disturbance which goes on increasing in your mind reaches the top-most level in the last 15-20 mins. Airtel XStream Requiem for a dream is scary, painful, brutal, disgusting, ugly and that what makes it a beautiful must-watch masterpiece. 

Who should watch this film?

  • This is easily the movie with the highest quality cinema. It gives a valuable lesson mostly to the drug addicts and may put a great impact on their life. Everyone should experience this movie, not an easy or comfortable watch but a worthy one.

-Marion Silver: Getting the money's not the problem Harry.
- Harry Goldfarb: Then what's the problem?
- Marion Silver: I don't know what I'm going to have to do to get it.
JARED LETO - Harry Goldfarb

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