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Whiplash: Is the best inspirational movie for students?

Do you have a dream? Are you fighting for it? This movie here is to give you a further push in achieving your dreams.

whiplash best inspirational movie
Whiplash  (source/Indiwire)

Best Inspirational movie for students: Whiplash

Director: Damien Chazelle
Writer: Damien Chazelle
Starring: Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons, Melissa

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One line summary

A boy and his sufferings in order to reach his huge goals

About the movie Whiplash

Whiplash is a 2014 American drama movie. Damien Chazelle is the director and the writer of this inspirational movie.  Whiplash premiered in competition at the 2014 Film festival (Sundance). It won an Audience Award and Grand jury prize. Whiplash starring Miles Teller, J. K. Simmons, Paul Reiser and Melissa Benoist. The film grossed 361 Cr. against a budget of 25Cr. The film won Academy Awards for Best film editing, Best sound mixing, Best supporting actor and nominated for Best Screenplay and Best Picture. 

Plot - Whiplash (Best inspirational movie for students)

A teenage first-year college boy Andrew Niemann has a dream to become one of the greatest jazz drummers in the world. His father is a teacher in High school and also not so up to the mark writer. Andrew studies in his first year at Shaffer University of music, which is the best music school in the country. Terence Fletcher is the best but strict teacher in the whole school. Only the best players get the chance to learn under him.  The band learning under his guidance gets the chance to play in various competition. The first meeting between Terence and Andrew was not to the mark but Andrew was stunned and happy when Fletcher asked him to join his band as a side drummer to the core players. But the initial excitement and happiness all perished when he learnt the teaching way of his mentor. Cruel, abusive and never satisfied with any member of the band.  As per Terence, it is worse if you don't know you are wrong to you don't know. Andrew works hard but fails to please his teacher. He even sacrificed his love life to give his best but nothing works. He has to decide how much he has to suffer in order to fulfill his dreams.

Review - Whiplash

I will start with JK Simmons, the anti-hero of this great inspiring movie. Terence Fletcher a character which we love for his dedication but as well as hate for his brutal ways. His performance is flawless and he deserved the Academy Award.  I have read that the film was completed in just 19 days. The story is very simple but highly impacting. A sense of tension remains in your mind throughout the film. It is a film which will be in your mind for days.  Teller also did excellent in the acting department.

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The movie Whiplash is a journey in the search of your inner rage to reach your dreams. It tells you there is no shortcut for success, more and more practise, effort and hard work is the only key. The atmosphere created in this film is unique. It is a guarantee you haven't gone through a film similar to this. Each and everyone one of us will relate this movie as we all have a goal, small or big but we all have it. The film is slow but the intensity and tension are too much to handle. Talking about the technical aspects it is just beautiful, the film itself is a big surprise. The editing, dialogues, close shots everything deserves acknowledgement.  Whiplash shows a serious way of motivation, we can feel that in every beat of the drum. 

Who should watch this movie?

  • There is a question to this question. Who shouldn't watch this film? This is a movie to each and every one of us who has some ambitions in life. Whiplash has goosebumps moment and a great impacting one. Easily one of the best inspirational movies ever made. 

Genre: Drama
Language: English
Release date: 16 January 2014

Andrew Neyman: But is there a line? You know, maybe you go too far and discourage the next Charlie Parker from ever becoming Charlie Parker?
Terence Fletcher: No, man, no. Because the next Charlie Parker would never be discouraged.

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