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The Secret in their eyes movie review: Perfect in every department, a Complete film!

 El Secreto de sus Ojos (The Secret in their eyes)

Director: Juan Campanella
Starring: Ricardo, Soledad, Pablo
Language: Spanish
Genre: Crime, Drama, Romance, Mystery (all genres have been absolutely respected)

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One line movie summary

A retired counsellor decides to write a novel based on an unresolved crime which took place 25 years ago; trying to solve the crime and his incomplete love altogether.


"El Secreto de sus Ojos" (The Secret in their eyes) is about Benjamín Esposito (Darín) and his need to recount to the tale of a case that wasn't totally unravelled 25 years prior and had a significant effect in his life. A lady assaulted and killed and a spouse with the family name Morales (Pablo Rago) who went each day to each prepare station in Buenos Aires to check whether he could discover the executioner. "You need to see his eyes; they are in a condition of unadulterated love", Benjamín purports before Irene Hastings (Soledad Villamil); his chief and the lady he cherishes.



A big thumbs up to the director. The movie is so well directed with powerful narration. I was hooked up to the screen until the end of the film. The story deals with deep matters, the plot progresses steadily increasing its intensity with the time. As you go on in this film the depth goes on increasing and not settling for an easy answer. The character build-up is so great and is complicated, flawed, funny and deeply human. The human emotions expressed and portrayed are bound to touch the viewer.


As per the name of the film, it is their 'eyes' that you would love like anything. Not only lead actors to have beautiful eyes, the sorrow, joy, relief and all emotions are clearly seen. Makers have chosen the perfect cast and all acted brilliantly.


 Those who shot this film, the technicians all deserve acknowledgement as much as the director or the actors. They were absolutely brilliant with the complex camera work. It was so realistic and don't miss the football ground scene. I was awe-struck!


 Even though I watched with English subtitles, it impacted a lot. This movie doesn't go wrong in any field.

Final Verdict

There can be only two things after watching this film; either you will love it like anything or you will be bored like anything. It is a movie of Class, it will begin as a simple crime story but the wonderful use of subjects, symbols and strong references turned it into a Masterpiece. Also, the ending is something you won't think any better than this. It is a piece of art and totally worth your time.

Ricardo Morales: Choose carefully. Memories are all we end up with. At least pick the nice ones.

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