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Lootcase review: Perfect cast gives near perfect unadulterated family entertainment.

Nandan Kumar (Kunal Khemu) in Lootcase


Directed by Rajesh Krishnan
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A detailed list of the cast (they deserve this):

It has been a long time laughing my heart out until yesterday when I watched Lootcase. After quite a while some unadulterated amusingness and a satire film that can be viewed with the family together.

Nandan Kumar is one of the numerous million appearances suffocating in the weight of his white-collar class life. Be that as it may, a major, shiny red bag – or 'lootcase', as they might want to call it – comes as a hint of something better over the horizon and he realizes he would be stupid to release this one. Thus, before grasping it, he makes this to some degree a credulous declaration: "Last time poonch rahaan hoon, kiska bag hain?" Once Nandan acknowledges there are no takers, off he goes! Be that as it may, the man is a chawl inhabitant and his neighbours are a lot of uproarious, bothersome individuals. What's more, his significant other? A 'poojari's beti' who wouldn't acknowledge this unwanted visitor in spite of the fact that she's continually giving him melancholy over the family's critical monetary circumstance. 

What's more, the way that the cash was taken from a first-rate government official, who was getting it hand conveyed to another first-class legislator's better half through a group of goons, doesn't help either. Rajesh Krishnan's 'Lootcase' is a parody, a true to life stare back at a helpless man's unquenchable extinguish for riches set in opposition to a rich man's fixation to accumulate as much as possible – by reasonable or out of line implies.

The genial amusingness gets rid of obscenity and twofold entendre, demonstrating that it is conceivable to make a film about not well-gotten gains without toxifying the tongue. The relaxed pace permits us to watch and welcome the characters, despite the fact that the pestering uncertainty this could have accomplished without dilly-dallying waits.

In the event that you talk about execution man Vijay Raaz, Ranveer Shorey, Gajraj Rao and other supporting casts, they were in vast level and the foundation of this film was Kunal Khemu, what an exhibition by that person. His comic planning was magnificent. Rasika Duggal was alright and the youngster was awesome.

Great comedies are missing nowadays and whatever Bollywood attempted to make as of late could scarcely produce laughs. It's been some time that a veritable decent satire hit the market (the last to recollect was Good Newwz which had situational parody and urban taste) in this way any genuine great satire was frantically anticipated And here comes underdog "Lootcase". At long last crowd has a giggling treatment that makes certain to fill the need.

Lootcase had just won a large portion of the fight with astounding writing however it despite everything required a visionary psyche to put the show on screen and Rajesh Krishnan as the director gives that vision. It won't be a distortion to state that Lootcase would have lost its embodiment if Krishnan had not been there. His course is near flawlessness as fas as the restrictions of composing and limits of this classification are concerned. The film hauls a piece in the second half for like 10 minutes however aside from that there is no single damn dull second in this entertaining fabulous ride. In case you're truly hoping to watch a popcorn film which ought to outperform your desires then Lootcase is an impeccable fun coupon you.

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