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Kumbalangi Nights review: India missed the opportunity of Oscar by disregarding this film.

 Kumbalangi Nights


 Shane NigamSoubin ShahirFahadh Faasil, Sreenath, Anna

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One-Line Summary

A beautiful village Kumbalangi in Kerala has a broken house where resides these four brothers having not so beautiful relation with themselves yet a never breaking bond between them, experiencing the ups and downs of their beautiful life.

Detailed Summary (Spoiler-free)

The film begins with the most youthful kin Franky finishing his school period and off to home, yet is somewhat angry with the state of his home and the budgetary conditions. He is a decent kid in the family, who prey for the food at that point cooks it. Then again, the other two siblings Saji and Bobby are jobless and spend their day in tuning in to music and the other tattling with his companions and both battling one another. Bonny the fourth sibling barely goes to the house in view of them battling. All dealing with their own problems in life.

Further, the film discusses the guardians of this kin, One fine day Bobby falls for a young lady babbymol and here beginnings the life of four siblings helping one another and attempting to survive.


This is a film that each and every man will associate with and grasp. Fahadh Faasil and Friends breaks all pre-built up injuries of film making and instils something hereto exceptional, along these lines hoisting the grounds of Malayalam entertainment world over the restrictions of analysis. The vibe of the whole film gives me chills. 

I can't locate the correct exemplifications to portray the exhibitions put in by individuals from the cast; be it the four siblings - Bobby (Shane Nigam), Saji (Soubin Shahir), Bonny (Sreenath Bhasi), and Franky (Mathew Thomas), or the womenfolk who enter the men's lives - Babymol (Anna Ben), Nylah (Jasmine Metivier), and Sathy (Sheela Rajkumar); obviously, what adjusts the cast is the cunningly guaranteed enemy Shammy (Fahadh Faasil). 

I can't envision Kumbalangi Nights occurring anyplace else. Directly from the utilization of fishing nets as an excursion bed for the sweethearts to the amazingly enchanting twilight evenings, Kumbalangi is to be sure its own character in the film. The sentimental points in the film have a lot of adorable 'aww' minutes in any event when they stay totally in contact with everything that occurs in the film. 

The cinematography, workmanship bearing, area choice and BGM have been exact. The account is new and reviving which sets aside effort for us to get inundated in their lives nearly till the finish of the principal half yet the story turns cruel and leaves us to think about what's up next in the subsequent half. The solid purpose of the content is all the character's feelings are all around associated with their past and furthermore the film is extremely clever and capricious now and again. A little injustice to the non-malayalees as the subtitle of this film is not up to the mark.

It is high time regional films should get financial support and popularity to spread it everywhere. I personally feel it could have gone for Oscar in these departments as follows:

  • Direction
  • Cinematography
  • Writing
  • Score
  • Best Foreign film
It is a film where you won't find any heroes, villains. This film is simple and realistic yet very impactful. I am feeling goosebumps while writing this review as I haven't yet recovered yet.
The people of Kumbalangi really do enjoy little things - like their fishy curry, their music, their little romantic moments, and of course, the virtue of humanity and the power of healing. These little (yet not-so-little) things make Kumbalangi Nights one of the best films in recent memory.

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