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Fight Club (1999)

Director: David Fincher
Writer: Chuck Palahniuk (Book)
Cast: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt

I was neglecting this film till now as I was thinking it as a story of an underdog who became famous. But Fight Club is not our regular film nor it is about some sportsperson. It is a completely unique movie which can be connected with us all. The film defines the younger generation, only younger people can relate to it, however, older people can appreciate the art of the film, the beauty of the camera work, as well as the excellent acting.  It is adapted from a book by Chuck Palahniuk.


Edward Norton hasn't slept for six months. He has a day job which he hates. He got a good condo where he lives. He goes to the doctor to treat his insomnia, but the doctor does not give him medicines and says cancer patients bear much more pain than you. Then he went to a support group, where sessions are taken one on one. By crying like a baby while hugging each other he started getting sleep at night. But one day he comes across a woman who is a faker like him and now h no longer get any sleep. They decide to split the days so that they won't meet each other. All was going good until Norton meets Brad in a flight. After landing, Edward comes to know that his perfect condo has been burned down. He then goes to Tyler, who asked him to punch him for no reason, and like this, a group of people started to beat each other for no reason and club was made. What follows next is crime, action and some brilliant twists.

This film has intriguing topics like castration, savagery, confusion, cultural breakdown, separation, the danger of death and commercialization. The heading is great. Impeccable cinematography, pacing and altering. The turns and subtleties of the book are caught impeccably. Additionally, they worked superbly with the between cuts. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were the ideal decision to lead this film. At the point when you are viewing the film, you simply are stuck to your seat, that is exactly how acceptable it is.

Fight club is about bare-chested men battling with one another in an underground club yet when you plunge into the way of thinking of the film it is considerably more about men thoroughly demolishing one another. The film is about how "we" have capitulated to the falsities of the world and even offered our spirits to the different partnerships of the world. How we are running in a futile daily existence - appearing for a similar impasse employments to gain enough cash to spend on poop that "we" fundamentally doesn't require.

This movie is dark and disturbing, however, it is equally smart and stylistic. I found it hard to watch at points, but I couldn't turn my eyes away. Fight Club makes many bold statements against the modern consumer-driven society and produces Norton's best performance. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are perfectly cast as the two lead characters and deliver in spades. This movie has a raw energy that grips me every time I watch it. What a crazy, fun ride! Whether it is a very clever satire or pure testosterone going on a rampage - both are fine by me. A film so visually stunning and sexy, with career-best performances by all involved.

Final Conclusions

Fight club isn't a movie, but the blueprint of current life. The victory of cognizant liberated u from negative internal voices show u best model learn to expect the unexpected. you are more than this, you are enough. Listen to your cognizant, cerebrum shouting voices.

Fight club is an unequalled exemplary as a result of different reasons, because either a film can be philosophical or exciting however Fight club figured out how to do philosophical and exciting at the time. 

“It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club

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