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Inception movie ending: The most puzzled movie of all time

The mystery of Inception ending still continues, but here are some details that will help to solve it.


Inception movie

Director: Christopher Nolan
Writer: Christopher Nolan


Leonardo Dicaprio- Cobb
Joseph Gordon- Arthur
Ellen Page- Ariadne
Tom Hardy- Eames
Watanabe-  Saito
Dileep- Yusuf
Cillian Murphy- Robert


Dom Cobb is found unconscious lying on the seashore. He sees flashes of his two kids. He is brought an old Japanese man probably someone very powerful. He sees the totem and tells him, I have seen this long ago in someone's dream.

Next scene Dom along with his partner Arthur is searching for some confidential report in Mr Saito's mind, a powerful man of Japan. But Mr Saito looks professional and didn't let go of the secrets even when he was made to go inside a dream of a dream. Cobb is married man and we can see her wife in dream helping Mr Saito. Dom is actually having a bounty on his head and he couldn't meet his children back in U.S. He tells his children, mom is not going to come back. Meanwhile, the architect, who makes setup in the dream is caught by Mr Saito and he reveals everything about Cobb and Arthur, which leads him to catch both of them when they were trying to go low for some time as they failed the mission.

 Now Mr Saito wants to plant some idea into his dying competitor's heir, the reverse of what Cobb do by stealing secrets from people's mind. In search of a good architect as Cobb himself is he goes to his father. But he suggests him someone better,Aridane a girl currently studying architect. Cobb has to make a team in order to do succeed in Saito's plan. Eames(forger) and Yusuf(chemist) is hired for this purpose. 

The final task starts of planting an idea, which leads to disclose some secrets of Cobb, high octane action and a lot of drama. The plan succeeds and Cobb is back to his children. He spins the top to check if it was real and soon the black screen appears and leaves a big question mark on audience head. Is it a dream or a reality?
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The Ending of 'Inception' explained

Totem (top)

The crux of the ending is that Cobb doesn’t stick around to watch the top spin because he does not actually care if it falls or not. He’s home and reunited with his children, exactly where he wants to be, and he’s not about to go anywhere, no matter what the totem has to say about the situation.

so the answer to the question does the top fall? Yes, it does. It was not a dream, here are some points that would make you believe.

  • The spinning top isn't Cobb's totem: The totem was of Mal, Cobb's wife and as said in the movie, someone's personal totem cannot be adopted by other, not even their spouse. 
  • Cobb's real totem was his wedding ring: Cobb is seen wearing his wedding ring when he’s in a dream, and when he’s in the real world, the ring is gone. Fans have then wondered if the ring was Cobb’s original totem, one that he hasn’t used since Mal’s death as he started using hers. This idea is supported by the ring is an object that could have had very specific characteristics (weight, shape, etc) and it would have certainly been one that only Cobb would touch. What’s interesting about this theory is that, even if the ring wasn’t Cobb’s real totem, this detail helps give more clarity to the ending, as he’s not wearing it in the final scenes, further supporting that he wasn’t dreaming and did reunite with his children – something that Michael Caine had already talked about, saying that his character never appeared in dreams, and he shows up at the end.
  • Children's outfit are not the same in the end: James and Phillipa are not actually wearing the same outfits they are in Cobb’s dreams. Phillipa’s in a salmon-coloured dress both times, but the reunion dress has spaghetti straps and she’s wearing a white t-shirt underneath it. James has a plaid shirt on once again, and even with a similar colour palette to boot, but the pattern features thin, dark purplish stripes clearly missing from the shirt seen earlier.
  • Top wobbles: The top wobbles slightly just before the smash cut to black. The thing is, though, that when the top is shown spinning infinitely in a dream, it never wobbles at all.

Christopher Nolan's work:

  • Memento, as his first signature in cinema history, is tremendous and has stayed the most mind-bending film I've ever seen. But overall, it doesn't reach the same level of Inception.
  • The Prestige is highly impressive but somehow I haven't been able to find the very particular "Nolan's spirit" in it.
  • The Batman Trilogy is the best superhero saga of all time and its peak The Dark Knight is no doubt a masterpiece as well. Nonetheless, every time we talk about it, Heath Ledger takes all the spotlights with his life-time-role: The (unique-and-only) Joker.
  • Then there came Inception where Nolan truly stood out, having every single detail of his work done in the finest way. The multi-layered storyline despite its complexity remains consistent and originally interesting. From a visual aspect, everything was masterly handled: an impeccable cross-cutting allowed the movie to follow Nolan's nonlinear story-telling without being scattered; a wonderful cinematography work completed with incredibly imaginative visual-effects brought into life so many breathtaking scenes, some of them, I believe, will stay in the audience's mind for a long time (city bending in Paris, zero-gravity flight, in limbo, dreams collapsing...). In addition, Nolan had also a solid cast ensemble to help him deliver all of his messages.
  • Later, we had Interstellar. Though I did admire its cinematography and visual effects, the film itself is nowhere near the level of Inception.

Movie Review:

 There are style, charm and intelligence in every frame of the film. Every performance is pitch-perfect with some strong support by Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, particularly who have grown up right before our eyes into undeniable movie stars. Leonardo DiCaprio gives a typically flawless performance as the muddled, grieving man who we never quite trust to be living in the real world. The best part of Inception is the large number of effects which were done in-camera. While the film does make use of CGI, there are some pretty mind-blowing practical effects which are as simple as the camera telling beautiful lies; a rare treat these days.

Inception also has a very well-composed score, which to me was the finishing touch to a perfect movie. If you're thinking about seeing Inception, definitely go. Truly unique, like nothing I've ever seen before. Christopher Nolan certainly covered the new ground with this film and wasn't afraid to leave us hanging with a spectacular ending.

“Dreams Feel Real While We’re In Them. It’s Only When We Wake Up That We Realize Something Was Actually Strange.”

                                                    - Cobb (Leonardo Dicaprio)

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