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Get Out review: A Propoganda & Racist film?

Get Out

With the ongoing conflicts going in the USA and across the globe, the plot of the movie made me more curious to watch the movie Get Out and review the same.

Get Out Movie

Movie: Get Out
Writer & Director: Jordan Peele
Producer: Jason Blum
Cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Catherine Keener, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Jones, Lil Rey Howery

Get out is a movie genre which you don't see much these days. It feels unique and refreshing with the hybrid genre of horror and comedy. Get Out is one of the best horror films of the last decade. It dwells a subtle message on racism and what it's like to be black in America. For such a risky subject, Peele has handled quite well with his extremely great writing.

Get Out starts with a scene where a young man walks on a street probably empty and answering someone about how all streets looks the same. A car approaches him, in the deserted area and he smells something is off. Soon the tone of the movie intensifies. 

Now the film's main hero Chris [black guy] and his girlfriend Rose [rich white woman] are going to her house to meet her parents. Chris looks worried as Rose hasn't told her parents that her boyfriend is Black. Though she tells its not a big deal and later calms him by saying that his father would have voted for Obama for the third time if he could have. His TSA Agent friend too warns him for meeting her parents, but he is falling in love with her and he would finally have to meet them someday. From the minute Rose and Chris enter the house something weird is sensed by him. Her parents seem trying too hard to impress Chris. Chris noticed all the workers in their home are black. He is starting to get more worried. One night Chris went out to smoke and the situation gets more complex and weirder from thereon.

Chris (Daniel Kaluuya)

The first half of the movie, the audience are kept in mystery whether something is really wrong or is Chris trying too hard imagining negatively. We can see the Director's great effort in the storytelling and soo engaging screenplay. The film takes another turn when a black guy is spotted with this white ocean of people in a family party. Then starts the final thrill ride to climax. An unpredictable climax, you may even forget to blink those eyes.

Get Out is a comedy horror with no jokes. With the great writing, engaging plot acting my the main lead joins the party. Even the music which goes on gives you a chill. Get Out is a well-balanced horror comedy-drama that you won't miss for more than one time watch.

This movie is for an open-minded audience who can enjoy it without any worry of racism. As far as film being called anti-white or racist, it's clearly not. This film is not for those who are uncomfortable with the black men, those men won't appetize it.

Racism is scary but so is GET OUT.

“Fair skin has been in favor for, what, the past hundreds of years. But, now the pendulum has swung back. Black is in fashion!”

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