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Mass & Class entertainer with hair raising BGM: Ayappanu Koshium review

It was a huge mistake to neglect the regional movies, which I realized after watching some of the popular regional films. Today I will talk about one of such movies which made me speechless.

Ayappanu Koshium (2020)


Language: Malayalam
Director: Sachy
Release Date: 7th Feb 2020

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Ayyapanu Koshium Box Office collection

Budget: 5cr.
India Net: 26Cr. 
Overseas: 13 Cr.
Verdict: Blockbuster.

Ayyapanu Koshium Star cast

  • Biju Menon as Sub-Inspector Ayyappan Nair / Mundoor Maadan
  • Prithviraj Sukumaran as Ex-Havildar Koshy Kurien
  • Ranjith as Kurien John, Koshy's father
  • Gowri Nandha as Kannamma Ayyappan, Ayyappan's wife
  • Anna Rajan as Ruby, Koshiy's wife

Plot Summary

Koshy Kurien, an ex-Havildar is en route to Ooty with his driver Kumaran. Koshy is flushed and almost dropped on the vehicle's secondary lounge with a case brimming with liquor. They have selected to take the Attappadi course, which they didn't realize was a liquor denied district. There, the vehicle is halted on a standard traffic stop which is a joined police and extract division checking.

 There on finding the liquor in the vehicle the extract authorities abuse Koshy. Koshy, irritated by this abuses the extract official Faisal. On observing this Ayyapan Nair steps in and limits Koshy. Taking Koshy to the police headquarters, the officials are alarmed to see the name of notable political and media characters on the contact rundown of Koshy's cell phone.

 Koshy uncovers himself to be the child of Kurian John and a rich and powerful ex-havildar from the Indian armed force living in Kattappana. Getting all worked up about this and over counsel with his bosses, Ayyapan Nair chooses to back off of him and reasons with him. Koshy asks Ayyappan to let him get back for 5 days to spend Christmas and vows to return for any prison sentence. 

Ayyapan tells him that the case has been registered and he can't get bail for at least 12 days. Later Koshy fakes an emergency and requests some liquor as he is a someone who is addicted. Against his better senses, Nair pours him some from the appropriated stock with assistance of a woman constable.

 Koshy covertly records this on his telephone. Koshy is remanded to 12 days in Palakkad sub-prison, where he is visited by his family. Following 12 days, Koshi gets bail condition that he needs to sign once every Monday and Thursday at Attapadi station. 

Upon his discharge, he utilizes the video film to get SI Ayyappan Nair and a woman constable suspended for breaking disallowance. Ayyappan is suspended and captured. He is brought temporarily free from jail by the Circle Inspector. The Circle reviewer makes a trade-off with Koshy's father's companion MLA George, that Koshi can finish the paperwork for all future bail condition at the same time, and end this scuffle, as a byproduct of not giving unique video proof at the enquiry against Ayyappan.

Subsequent to marking at the station, Koshi backpedals on his promise, and his legal counsellor presents the video verification at the enquiry. The day Koshy comes out of the jail the war is proclaimed and he finds an impressive foe in SI Ayyappan Nair, who has just two or three years left for retirement. The USP of the film is the way Sachy fabricates a connecting with and about an impeccable performer, directly from the lightweight clash before all else. 

It isn't about the queasy erupt of machismo as the content acquires abnormal home certainties and critical contentions. Despite the fact that the two men accompany shades of dark, the film additionally brings up some relevant issues about benefit and decency. 

In Sachy's content, both male leads have character imperfections, and everyone needs at various focuses in the account to pull back from the duel, however, the little fire that was lit that first night on a disconnected street has procured its very own existence and holds pulling them back in like a moth attracted to a fire that it knows is probably going to annihilate it.

What's Good?

  • Thoroughly Entertaining: From the start of the movie be it the plot or the dialogues or that beautiful direction you will remain hooked to your seat until the finish of the movie. You may even forget to flicker your eye during some scenes.
  • Supreme BGM: It was like goosebumps when the music plays during crispy dialogues or fight scenes. The Ayappanu Koshium songs deserve a special tribute. Be it Kalakkatha, Thalam Poyi, Adakachakko all are awesome.
  • Acting: Prithviraj was on another level so was Biju Menon. Supporting actors too did a great job.
  • Realistic touch: Be it the costume or the scenery, everything looked so real. The story and events are narrated quite realistically.

What's Bad?

  • Movie length could have been trimmed a bit.


I will highly recommend this film. Even if you aren't a South Indian you will not be disappointed. You won't come across such movies daily. A tale of hatred, revenge, ego, pride and whatnot. An incredible commitment to movies from the Malayalam film industry.

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