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The Best thriller movie on Netflix?

thriller is a genre of literature, film, and television whose primary feature is that it induces strong feelings of excitement, anxiety, tension, suspense, fear, and other similar emotions in its readers or viewers—in other words, media that thrills the audience. A genuine thriller is a film that relentlessly pursues a single-minded goal - to provide thrills and keep the audience cliff-hanging at the 'edge of their seats' as the plot builds towards a climax. 

This Netflix movie is undoubtedly the Best thriller movie you will come across in recent times. It is not an English film nor a Korean nor an Indian film. But if you are only for English thriller click the below link.

The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo)

The Invisible Guest (SpanishContratiempolit. 'Setback') is a 2016 Spanish mystery thriller film. It is the second feature thriller by director Oriol Paulo. The film was released in Spain on 6 January 2017.
The Invisible Guest opened to generally lukewarm critical response and highly positive user views on a number of platforms. It was a commercial success, grossing $30.5 million against its €4 million budget.
Just in India, this movie got two remakes in two different languages. Both of them failed to match this movie's charm. So even though you watch them, you need not need to worry at all.

This is a movie where when paying attention to every scene the viewer is rewarded with meaningful and purposeful action and dialogue not suspecting that all the while something is afoot but what? That's why you stay tuned and glued to the screen not wanting to miss out on what is being acted out or presented. 

Mario Casas

 You see not only does this movie entertain but it also challenges you to take a side and share a point of view that when done is doubted because of the next scene and what takes place. Just when you think you have a reasonable explanation for what is and has taken place, a new fact enters in making you say "what is going on" in a good way. At that point, you are wholly committed and don't know that you have been captured and the movie now has you in its grasp. 

This is quality entertainment. Kudos to the storyteller, the director and actors for pulling off a nice memorable movie that you will want to not only discuss but recommend as well. Give this movie your time and it will give you a nice return on that time guaranteed 

The story begins with two lovers, both married to others. They get involved in a car accident on a remote road. They are Adrián and Laura. It was an accident and not the fault of either driver.
A young man dies in the other car. Rather than report it and have their affair disclosed, they try to hide what happened. Adrián takes off with the other car to somehow dispose of the car and the body.

Laura stays with Adrián’s car and will pick him up after he’s finished. Except the car won’t start. A nice guy named Tomás (Jose Coronado) stops and offers her help. Laura accepts.
Tomás tows the car to his place to fix it. Laura meets Tomás’ wife (Ana Wagener). Laura sees a family photo that makes her realize, to her horror than the dead man they are trying to hide is Tomás’ son.
That starts off the story, which has many turns involving the police, big money, and a murder in a locked hotel room. Adrián is implicated in the murder. The attorney who comes to help him with his defence in the murder trial finally cracks through Adrián’s many versions of the truth. Adrián and the lawyer sit together in a hotel room for 3 hours as they go over and over all the details of the car accident, the affair, and the murder.
Those details change with each retelling, as Adrián and the lawyer work through ideas for a defence. We see each version in a flashback – but what really happened?
Themes of truth, justice, and sacrifice are prominent in the suspenseful The Invisible Guest (Contratiempo). I thought the film looked beautiful. Wonderful color, texture, framing, and composition for every shot made it exceptionally striking to watch.
Haven't seen a perfect suspense thriller like this in the longest time. A must watch. Perfecto!!

(Blanca Martínez) "Your testimony has holes, and I need details. Plausibility is based on details. I can use them to convince the world that you're innocent. I assure you, I can do it."

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